Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Days Four through Six

The last few days have been kinda crazy. On Monday, it was raining, but I'd promised the boys Sunday night that we could go to the Aquarium. So, we braved the weather and spent the morning there. That evening we looked at another house with RoseMary, our realtor. It didn't have a lockbox, so we couldn't get in. I was sort of glad because I'd like to talk to Matthew again before we decide on someplace. I told RoseMary we were going to take the week off, and see what's available next week.

Tuesday, yesterday. We went to playgroup and Walmart. As I was getting the boys out of the car at playgroup, Brennan ran over to the ditch and sat down in it. Fortunately, I'd packed an extra pair of pants for him. Unfortunately, I didn't pack extra shoes! Then after playgroup, when we were getting back in the van, Brennan tripped and skinned his chin. Poor guy!

At Walmart, we bought a few groceries, some stuff for the boys, a jumprope, and some flowers. The jumprope is supposed to be for me to help me get enough in shape to start doing Parkour, but Colin has been trying to use it, too! The flowers were potted pink, purple, and rosy red tulips, and two pots of daffodils. Tulips and daffodils are some of my favorite flowers, and I wanted something springy and pretty to decorate the front of the house.

We didn't do much else after that. I cleaned the house, the boys played, we made some dinner rolls. I watched a couple movies and did some sewing after I got the boys to bed, and it was really nice. Nikolai was kind of fussy, because I'd had some chocolate. I really should get some dairy-free chocolate so this doesn't keep happening.

Today, we've stayed at home. I needed some rest time from everything we've been doing lately, and I'm sure the boys did, too! I cleaned the house this morning, and attempted to catch up on the laundry. I'm beginning to doubt I'll ever be caught up again! I'm starting to understand the challenges mothers of large families face. I think I'm also starting to understand my role and responsibilities better, and am getting better at managing my time. I'm doing a lot better at keeping the house clean and getting the chores done, and still doing fun things with the boys.

I made cupcakes again today, yellow this time. We each ate one when we came back from our walk. I'm going to start getting dinner ready soon, and then it'll be bedtime for the boys, and hopefully more movies and sewing for me. I've gotten one of six placemats done, and still haven't finished the diapers. Hopefully I'll have at least the placemats done by the time Matthew gets home.

And one other piece of news: Nathan is back in the States from Iraq! He's in Wisconsin now, he should be back in Texas on Friday.

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