Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Home Again

Here we are. Moved again, Matthew is back from deployment and training and everything else that has kept him away for over a year, back from evacuating from Hurricane Irene. Home again.

I'm keeping this year low-key in regards to "schooly" things we do. Colin is currently teaching himself to read, understands basic math concepts, takes dance classes, and asks questions about anything and everything he sees. We read lots of stories in a variety of subjects, depending on the season, current interests, and what we find at the library, and most of them are nonfiction. And never forget the field trips! We haven't been doing as many lately, because of heat and exhaustion and gas prices and See First Paragraph. But, we've been having fun at home, and learning has been happening when I least expect it!

Brennan has hurt himself again, jumping out of a tree. I keep wondering when he'll learn that jumping is NOT a good idea! X-rays didn't show a break, but it's the same leg that he broke earlier this year. They put a splint on it, and said to bring him back by next week if it continues hurting. He's still refusing to walk on it, so we'll probably have to.

Nikolai is starting to talk. He's only got a few words, and those aren't distinguishable to most people without REALLY listening. "oosh" for "shoes", "ah-sss" for "ice", "ta-da!" when he gets something he wants, and he goes around saying "deedle-eedle-ee" to just about everything. No "ga-ga goo-goo" for this baby! Trilling is much more fun!

I'm hoping to do a weekly post to keep tabs on what we're up to, and to start logging some of our "schooly" things. I'm also hoping to start them on a chore chart again, so we'll see how that goes!

Until our next adventure,

-Amanda -_-*