Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beginning Again

Today I'm attempting to restart my blog. I started it quite a while back, several times, in fact, but have never liked it, and never continued, so today I'm starting again.

Grandma and Grandpa (Pearson, Mom's parents) are here for another few days. We all went to the park this morning. The weather was wonderful! The boys had a good time, as usual.

After the park, I brought everyone home, and Nikolai and I went to meet Matthew and get some stuff done on base. We had a miscommunication issue that resulted in things going from bad to worse, I ended up trying to do some stuff without him, and came home with nothing accomplished except finding out that Matthew needs to do a laundry list of nonsense to get put on the wait list for base housing, and we'd be better off finding someplace else off base to live come this summer. Not like we have much choice.

Sunday, our landlords told us that they won't be renewing our lease because her mother is moving to NC, and will be living in the house after we vacate it. Our lease ends in 3 1/2 months. The wait list for base housing is 6-10 months. Problems exist in that timeline. I've thought about going back to Texas for a few months, but I really don't want to live in someone else's house for that long again. I've thought about moving into a temporary house between this one and base housing, but that would be two moves in the next year, and apart from the general unpleasantness of that in itself, the military only pays for one local move per duty station. The third option we have is renting someplace off-base again, and ditching the idea of base housing alltogether. The problem with that is, Matthew will be gone most of the next two years, and I don't want to live outside of base housing with him being gone that long. Plus the whole saving money if we live on base thing, and having other military wives around us, and playgrounds on every street, and the safety of a gated military community.

It's just about time to start making dinner. Colin and Brennan are snacking on everything, and Nikolai is sleeping- finally! I'll try to post pictures up here later.

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