Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day Three

Last night was horrid beyond belief. Nikolai didn't go to sleep until between 12 and 1, and then Brennan woke up poopy... Colin woke up with a wet bed... Brennan woke up screaming because the heater turning on scared him (I think it's something about Matthew being gone. Last time Matthew left, every time the AC turned on when he was asleep he'd freak out, too). So at that point, Nikolai, Colin, and Brennan were all in my bed. Colin and Brennan decided that, since they were in bed together, it was playtime. Got up, lights on, and everything. They came back to bed pretty soon, but one or the other of them was up about every half hour from then on. Colin wet my bed, and Brennan decided that 5:45 was time to wake up for good.

Today didn't go as planned, but it wasn't that bad, either. RoseMary had mentioned us coming to her house, but never ended up calling us. We went to church, I talked to Audrey, and she and her kids are going to come over sometime this week. After church, we took a very nice, long, three-hour nap. Well, Nikolai woke up partway through, and kept me up for a while, but I still got a good amount of sleep, too. After naptime the boys played while I... what did I do? Made dinner, took care of disasters, played with the boys, did some laundry. I guess that was about it. Nikolai got fussy again after dinner, and I'm pretty sure it's tomato sauce that's causing it. We'll see if eliminating tomato for a while helps. I hate this restricted diet every time I start nursing. At least this time I haven't gotten thrush or mastitis, or got sick and lost my milk. Those are things to be thankful for. And I can have yogurt. Woohoo! Dairy! Maybe I can freeze it so I don't have to eat that coconut milk ice non-cream. I'll have to try.

The boys stayed up kind of late tonight, but they were mostly behaving, and it was a pretty good evening, with the exception of Nikolai screaming. I got the house picked up again, and all of the dishes done. It's so much easier to keep the house clean when Matthew isn't home, and I don't understand it. The boys are the ones who make most of the mess, but I guess they do clean up everything in the evenings before going to bed, and Matthew doesn't. Part of it could also be I don't have that mental divider in my day between "work" and "Matthew's home, therefore it's time to relax", and keep working steadily from the time I get going to the time I get ready for bed.

I got out one of the puzzles I bought at the thrift store, and started putting that together today. I haven't done much yet, but I got maybe a third of the edge done. I haven't put a puzzle together in a long time. I figured it would be something to do in the evenings, and a nice way to relax when I don't feel like doing anything else, but don't want to go to bed yet, either. I didn't do any sewing today, even though I wanted to. I'm kind of disappointed, but I don't even want to get up to make sure Colin and Brennan are covered like I usually do before I go to bed. I'm in bed now laying down as I type this! Nikolai is sleeping peacefully beside me, snoring a little every once in a while. He has such a cute little snore. And he's so precious when he's asleep! He's precious all the time, except when he's crying. I got some cute pictures of him today, and a couple good ones of Colin and Brennan, too. I'll post them later.

Tomorrow the boys and I will probably be going to the Aquarium. I told Colin we could. I really do like the Monterey Bay Aquarium better. It's so much bigger, and there's so much more to see and do, and I'm really sad that we'll probably never get to go there again. But this Aquarium is okay. There's an outside part, which at least makes it a little more interesting. If it was only the inside, it so wouldn't be worth the drive. Though, we'd probably still go anyway, just because it's something to do, and for kids that young it's just as good as any other Aquarium. I wish I could find some other places to bring them. There's a children's museum in Wilmington, but that's an even farther drive than the Aquarium, and I'd prefer not to do that if I have any say in the matter. Anyway, all of this has been to say, that if we do go to the Aquarium tomorrow like we've planned, I'll probably be posting pictures then.

I'm so tired. And it's now just about 1. And Nikolai has been asleep for about half an hour, so I think he's going to stay that way. Here's to everyone sleeping well tonight!

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