Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Whale of a Tale or Two... or Three!

Today has been full of adventures. Okay, maybe not "full", but there have been a few pretty good stories to come out of it.

This morning, all the kids woke up super-early like they have been now that summer's nearly here, and the sun is rising earlier, and I was able, for the first time since moving to North Carolina, to get everyone dressed, fed, and ready for the early service at church. Amazing, isn't it? Anyway, continuing on, it gets better. I sent Colin, Brennan, and Kailey outside while I got Nick and the last couple things (Tiffany stayed home with Bella), and got out the door. While I was doing so, the kids found "candy leaves" somewhere in the front yard. As I was shooing everyone to the car and realizing "candy leaves" is probably something they should not be eating, Brennan starts waving one at me, and I see that it's a leaf covered in bug eggs. That, yes, they had been eating. Candy button-style.

Tiffany freaked out about it when I told her after church more than I did. I'm used to such things with the boys. She, on the other hand, has girls. Kailey was horrified when Tiffany asked her if she'd eaten any. "Colin and Brennan were, I wasn't!" Lol!

Moving on to story 2, I got Colin some baseball stuff for his birthday, and we've been playing every once in a while (that kid is a natural. On his birthday, he'd never held a bat before, and by that afternoon was hitting balls across the street). We played a little more this evening. He's attempting to learn how to bat while I'm attempting to learn how to pitch, and trying to remember everything I overheard while Nathan was in Little League about how to hold a bat, and all the rest. Brennan and Nick were running around, Brennan wanted a turn to bat, so I pitched a little to him. His "hits" are me miraculously hitting the bat when I throw the ball, but he thinks it's spectacular. When he swings the bat, it's usually vertically, and even then it's not for every pitch. But the boys were having fun, and I'd pitched all the balls to each of them a couple times, then Nick starts walking around and picking up all the balls while I was still pitching, and putting them back in my bucket! He did that for most of the rest of the time we were playing! It was so cute, watching him in his little I-just-started-walking fashion, picking up those balls. And then when he got tired of that, he took the bat Brennan had been using, and started walking around with it. I tried getting him to stand still so I could toss a couple balls to him, but he didn't want to.

Also today, the kids wanted to fingerpaint. They didn't understand that that meant using your fingers to paint. Colin had an orange glove all the way up to his shirt sleeve, and Brennan's hand was covered in red. Then Kailey had to join in the fun with blue and white. Kids! At least we know they'll have fun when we make Matthew's homecoming signs! And, this is why I only buy Crayola!

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